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Folder Configuration



The common folder contains all the Powrshell Commandlets used to execute the Install.


The PreScript folder holds PowerShell file meant to Configure or Check your System prior to install. There are many examples in this repository of various operations that you may wish to employ.


The PostScript folder holds PowerShell or SQL files that are used to configure your SQL instance AFTER a successful install. All files will be executed in the context of the installers credentials.


This folder holds Base Configurations for each version of SQL. As each version of SQL has varying items, we can address those items by simply modifying the template for that version.

Command Line Configuration options for SQL can be found here:

SQL Folders

In the original methodology, you would create a folder for each version of SQL directly in the SPADE folder, thus you might see:
    • Common
    • PreScript
    • PostScript
    • SQL2005
    • SQL2008
    • SQL2008R2

With that addition of the 'BinaryPath' attribute of the DataCenter node, we can now separate SQL from SPADE. These locations can even be on completely different servers. You could hold SPADE on a central server, while allowing the Binaries to be location dependent.

If the BinaryPath option is missing, it will revert to classic behavior by looking in the FilePath location. In the below example, Data Center 1 will use the classic example, while the 'Local' DataCenter will use a separate location for each item:
    <DataCenter Name="Data Center 1" Location="Location 1" FilePath="\\alfkidc-2\DataCenter1\AutoInstall\" />
    <DataCenter Name="Local" Location="Local" FilePath="C:\Code\sqlspade\" BinaryPath="C:\Code\MSSQL\" />

    • Common
    • PreScript
    • PostScript
  • SQL
    • SQL2005
    • SQL2008
    • SQL2008R2

Version / Edition / Service Pack Folders

Path to Binaries:
  • Binary Path Defined: DataCenter.BinaryPath\Edition.FolderName
  • Binary Path UnDefined: DataCenter.FilePath\Edition.FolderName
  • Service Pack handling - in the works.
    <Edition Name="Standard" Key="REPLACE_ME" FolderName="SQL2008\Standard" />
    <Edition Name="Enterprise" Key="REPLACE_ME" FolderName="SQL2008\Enterprise" />

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