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For instructions on how to setup and configure SPADE please see the following post :



1) Log onto the server you need to install on

2) Create a working folder on a drive that is large enough to hold the installation files for the version of SQL you are going to install

3) Copy the following files from the path where you configured SAPDE to your working folder:

- Start.bat

- Start-SqlSpade.ps1

- Run-Install.ps1

- Run-Install.config

4) Double click the Start.bat file to launch PowerShell ISE in administrator mode, accepting the UAC prompt if you receive it

5) In the script file that is opened edit the following lines:

- $ht.Add("SqlVersion", 'Sql2005') –The version of SQL you want to install (i.e. SQL2005, SQL2008, SQL2008R2)

- $ht.Add("SqlEdition", 'Standard') – The edition of SQL you want to install (i.e. Standard, Enterprise, Developer)

- $ht.Add("ServiceAccount", 'alfki\SqlService') – The service account you want SQL to run under

- $ht.Add("ServicePassword", 'P@ssw0rd1') – The password for the service account specified above

- $ht.Add("SysAdminPassword", 'P@ssw0rd1') – The password for the SA account

- $ht.Add("FilePath", 'S:\Tools') – The working folder that you created to perform the install from

- $ht.Add("DataCenter", 'Data Center 1') – The named Data Center that you want to pull the install files from

- #$ht.Add("ProcessorArch", '') – The CPU architecture of the system, uncomment and set the value to ‘x86’ when forcing a 32 bit install

- #$ht.Add("Debug", 'True') – Used for debugging the system by logging additional information

- #$ht.Add("Simulation", 'True') – Used for troubleshooting file copy code by logging that a file copy would have occurred, but does not actually copy the files

- $ht.Add("DbaTeam", 'DBA-SQL') – Used by the 300-Server-Set-DbaTeam.ps1 post install script to set an extended property on the master database

- $ht.Add("InstanceName", 'sqldev1') – The instance name to install as, leave blank for a default instance

- $ht.Add("ProductStringName", 'Default') – The named product string that identifies the components to be installed

Note – you can also override any SQL configuration setting by adding it to the $overrides hashtable – please see for a list of available configuration settings

6) Modify the function call as needed with the following switches

-PreOnly – runs only the Pre Install portion of the process and can be combined with –InstallOnly and –PostOnly

-InstallOnly – runs only the SQL Install portion of the process and can be combined with –PreOnly and –PostOnly

-PostOnly – runs only the Post Install portion of the process and can be combined with –PreOnly and –InstallOnly

-Full – runs the entire process, and is the same as using –PreOnly, –InstallOnly, and –PostOnly combined

-DontCopyLocal – skips the copy of the SQL installation media and runs the install from the network location

-Verbose – Adds additional logging to the console window

-WhatIf – Skips the execution of the SQL Install and Post Install, but logs the setup statement that would have been executed

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